We can handle processing of Copper scrap, Sortation, Pick-Ups, Analysing, Lab Capabilities, & Sort Carbide.

We want to buy your scrap metal!
Our unique weigh and pay system has been a cornerstone of our business since the beginning. You bring your scrap to us, we weigh your non-ferrous scrap at our location and pay you on the spot.
Scrap metal is brought to our yard, graded, sorted and packaged in containers, boxes or bales depending on the requirements of the respective mill or foundry.
We can provide barrels from 5 to 55 gallons, pallets and boxes from 1 to 40 cubic yards, and small dumping hoppers.

As Sellers we package our material to meet the exact standards of any mill or foundry. Our clients value our knowledge and experience in providing quality materials tailored for each specific project.
In addition to standard metal processing equipment, General Metals also utilizes specialized systems: crushing, sizing, separation, blending units and custom separation of metals.
If you are looking for a reliable, continuous source for scrap metal, contact us by phone to speak directly with a customer representative.